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Daniel Carrion, MPH

Cornell and I first met while completing our bachelor’s degrees at Ithaca College. We then reconnected upon his arrival to New York City when he began his position at NYU. At the time, I served as the Program Director for the Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP) at Columbia University, part of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUPS). The program is designed to introduce college students from around the country to the field of public health. ‘Cultural competence’ is considered integral to public health, so it was necessary to include a well-crafted and delivered diversity training. This is especially important given that the students have summer-long internships in some of NYC’s most dynamic and diverse public health agencies. Beyond professional relevance, students in the program represent almost every facet of human diversity. I, therefore, wanted to ensure they had the ability to engage in intricate and responsible dialogue around social justice issues.

Cornell has conducted the diversity and social justice trainings for SPHSP for the past two years, and I have been extremely impressed by his work. Before the trainings he made sure to sit down with me to understand his audience and the program’s goals. The result was a salient and thought-provoking presentation and dialogue. Students were engaged for every minute of his presentations – constantly asking questions and sharing their thoughts. Any educator can appreciate that this is no small feat. I think most professionals can remember some diversity training they attended that felt sterile or detached. I certainly can. Cornell’s trainings are anything but. His delivery is energetic, amusing, and genuine. As a result, I can testify that numerous students have kept in touch with Cornell, via email or social media, to continue the dialogue. I would recommend Cornell to anyone looking for a candid, engaging, and effective diversity and/or social justice training.

Cornell Woodson